Time to move on

It’s been quite a long time since I last posted on this blog. I have been thinking over and over again what I should do with it, so I started skimming through my old posts searching for new leads and inspirations. I ended up deleting lots of articles I didn’t like or I just felt were not relevant any more.

So, the answer to my question appeared very clearly: it was – it is – time to save posts that can be saved (many of them in need of updates or rewrites, awaiting for another corner of the Internet – maybe not even my own – to resurface) and burn the rest!

The blog will still be accessible for a while until… something else happens, maybe more clean-up, maybe a friend that will host a few “donated” posts.

Bye, see you around! I am going back to Mars. 🙂


Ora tocca a te / Your turn now

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