Firefox: managing Google+ shares with multiple Google profiles

“Sharing is caring” they say, but you should be able to decide how!

One of the latest features in Firefox (I am always running latest “stable” FF/Iceweasel release on my dual-boot Windows/Linux boxes) is the “Share button” (that little paper airplane icon…). You can add services from the dedicated page ( to bother people with useless flood of kitties, using all your social network account with ease, straight from the page you’re viewing.


The paper airplane!

That’s totally fine with most of services, I guess, unless you have multiple active accounts of the same service at once in your browser session: I am obviously talking about Google.

My typical collection of tabs includes my primary Gmail account and my Google+ profile, that is linked to a different Gmail address.


“That’s one for the mail…

See those “.../u/1/...” and “.../u/2/...” in the URL field? That’s it.


…two for the show!”

Long story short: when you add the G+ sharing service, it will default to your primary Google profile (your “.../u/0/...” account, not shown here) and that might not be be what you want. Currently there is no drop-down list to select the preferred profile (hopefully in the future?).


Here! Where else?

Time to hack something and make it work the way I need (that is, posting with the right account).

The right place to go is of course “about:config” page: type “social.manifest” in the search box to filter the relevant entries (the sharing services you’ve already added). That was quite easy, I just guessed what the entries could be, making a first attempt with obvious key “google“.

Now we’re going to look inside the entry value to see if something can be changed to “target” the proper account.

Go on, double-click on it and a nice little dialog window will pop up, allowing you to edit the key value.


Don’t be fooled by the narrow textbox: this key is quite lengthy!


Whole lotta text

Luckily the nice bits are not in the middle of all the mess: at the very end of the string (yes, it’s a single string!) you’ll see something like


To use your preferred Google profile for the sharing service, modify the URL adding the right profile “index” (the “.../u/X/...” part shown before. I am using my profile “2” so my modified sharing URL will read


Restart Firefox to make it recognize the new settings and “it’s all right now…” (I’m jumpin’ jack flash / It’s a gas, gas, gas)


Now, just to be sure you understood, share this post at will!

Cheers, Firefoxers!

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  1. filiipide

    Not so long ago the smartphones used to follow the computers. Now, it seems to me, is the opposite. The features we have in a smartphone will be added (later) in a pc.

    Mi piace

  2. Actually you have more restrictions on a smartphone since you usually cannot configure multiple users. In addition, having dedicated apps for web services such as social networks overcomes the problem of choosing between different accounts to share content.

    Mi piace

  3. filiipide

    Yep, of course computers are more… flexible.
    But it’s just to say that now world revolves around the smartphones.

    P. S. Welcome back. It’s nice to read you again. We met on comments in italian language.
    Really, it’s my fault. I opened the blog (from smartphone) and I saw the first post (pc for sale). I didn’t scroll down and so I didn’t notice new article.
    I will solve with the feeds.

    Mi piace

  4. Sure, mobile computing is the “big thing” every player in the market is going after (see also the recent Ubuntu phone). Nevertheless, quoting Linus Torvalds, “I still want the desktop” 😀 and find myself still uncomfortable using a smartphone. I use it mainly to “screen” contents in advance, quickly having a look at them and saving them for later.
    P.s.: grazie per il commento in inglese. Sto scrivendo poco di recente… Ho rimosso il commento duplicato: tengo la mia “casetta” in ordine.

    Mi piace

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