Raspberry Pi B+ project – Board 3D model v1.0 ready!

And here it is at last! I have completed the modelling of Raspberry Pi B+ board, including all connections, sockets, slots, holes and whatever you may need to start make use of it!

Raspberry Pi B+ board – ISO View (1)

All connections are in the right place, according to the official drawing, and their size was either measured from an RPi “B” board or taken from catalogues of such components.

Therefore I would say the model is reliable at a good 97%. I’ll leave that tiny uncertainty margin for all the detail geometry features I was not able or willing to implement in the model (small rounds, bends, details of the connectors).

Raspberry Pi B+ board - ISO view (2)
Raspberry Pi B+ board – ISO view (2)

What is not reliable, and it’s not meant to be, is the inner shape of connectors: the 3D model purpose is to allocate space as reference for accessories or cases designed for it.

Raspberry Pi B+ board - top view
Raspberry Pi B+ board – top view

So, unless you are making something that requires a very tight fitting (within +/- 0.1 mm) you should be fine even with this “approximate” model: some cases for “B” model I have seen have at least 0.5 mm gap all around connectors.

Raspberry Pi B+ board – bottom view

Below you can find the download link for the “v1.0” STL model (compatible with most 3D printer software). Since WP doesn’t allow uploading “.zip” files, I just added an allowed extension at the end: just download the file, remove the “.pdf” suffix, change “_zip” to “.zip” and you’ll be fine.

I will keep the link updated with the latest available version, in case of refinements. Any contribution is welcome (please leave a comment below) and stay tuned for updates!

Download STL: v1.0

Bonus: Raspberry Pi “Making of” video



  1. Instead of making it a PDF, I suggest getting a Dropbox account and putting it in the public folder. Once you do that, you can just link to the public URL of that file.

    Mi piace

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. I considered this solution but unfortunately I don’t have access to my current DB account from some of the computers where I might work (firewall restrictions). So putting the file here on the post seemed the easiest way to ensure quick (possible) updates, despite the “trick” of the fake file extension.

      Mi piace

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