Raspberry Pi B+ project – Teaser (ENG)

The recent announcement of the latest Raspberry Pi version, named B+, has woken up the little engineer in me. I have therefore fired up my CAD software and promptly downloaded the official drawings to create a 3D model of the well-known minicomputer  / toy for geeks.

In the picture below you can see the very first, very approximate, draft:

“Mmmh… let me guess… Is it a… cheese grater?”

Too early to provide any kind of file (CAD or STL for 3D printing) although I am willing to make any progress of my little project available for those who wish to “join the team” or just reuse the data.

Actually RPi board modelling is only the first step toward the original idea: designing cases for model B+ and possibly (I’d love it!) seeing them 3d-printed.

The final model shall correctly represent the RPi allocated space and be used as reference for whatever you might want to create around it.

Current state of modelling is shown in the picture (after 10 minutes of CAD work could you expect more?) also because some data is still missing:

  • actual size of GPIO (current one is based on indirect measurements)
  • PCB thickness
  • size of sockets:
    • HDMI
    • ethernet
    • USB double
    • power supply mini USB
    • micro SD slot
    • audio jack
    • anything I have missed…

Modelling will have two stages: the first one will result in a reliable “space allocation model” (position and size of sockets), resulting in a model that is reliable to enough to start designing something around it. After that I will already be able to unleash the weirdest ideas that come to my mind, making an utterly odd (or extremely functional!) enclosure for the silicon berry.

Second stage will be a refinement of the 3D model, that includes addition of the electronic components in the middle of PCB and the connection sockets for camera module.

Anyone willing to help, providing feedback or some of the missing data, is welcome.

Stay tuned for updates on the “Raspberry Pi B+ project”!



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