WordPress support: “Nonexistant Pending comment” – an happy ending

Keeping track of my support request on the WordPress Support forum

It happens sometimes that spam comments get past the Akismet filters since they contain kind of “meaningful” sentences rather than a bunch of links to questionable sites. Usually you get words of unexpectedly strong appreciation, advice to use SEO services to gain views and better positioning in search engines and some more bot-generated babble (because, anyway, it’s just an automated system to try to cheat spam filters).

I have a long list of unknown people out of nowhere madly loving my posts and willing to take care of my Google ranking, passing by and never coming back (luckily) to my pages.

I was experiencing some issues with such unfiltered spam comments, that were able to get past Akismet into the “pending comments” queue, awaiting approval.

That’s not a problem, you just manually trash them / mark as spam an voilà, they’re gone. But suddenly…

wp_notification_menuSuddenly the spell refused to work, turning the unwanted comments into “ghost comments”, showing only in the notifications menu.

So I have opened the support request linked above.

You can see in the picture below the issue: a fake comment comes, I purge it, it becomes a dead item in the list.  “Someone” commented on my blog and just stays there.

This comment (it was just one, at the beginning) could not be found in the comments management list (pending, spam queue) and could not therefore be deleted.


In a few days, another spam comment went unfiltered (that was strange, usually filters are very effective) so I was able to prove and take note of my actions and their effect on it.

Here is the unfiltered spam comment (you see, someone “iphone live something” suggests to use SEO on my blog), just landed:



Being pretty sure I don’t need SEO, I have manually marked as spam the comment: please welcome another “dead item” in the list.



Now I was a bit more worried, as the issue seemed to be happening on a regular basis, and I prompted the Support team once more.

The happy ending came soon, as I got this message:


All my thanks to kardotim and WordPress developers for being so quick and effective.

Back in the days when I was picking the platform to open my blog, I finally chose WordPress based on positive feedbacks of several users.

Now I have my own positive feedback to add and on a crucial matter,

‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough . . . the tough get goin’!

as John Belushi used to say, and these guys showed how “tough” and professional they are.

Thanks to everybody in the team for your support!

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